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Solar PV is the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. It is an efficient and innovative way to use the natural energy that reaches the earth. Global warming, resource depletion and growing energy needs are some of the greatest challenges of our time. Using renewable energies is one way to carry out sustainable and responsible business practices. Photovoltaics is making an increasing contribution to the renewable energy mix and is a worthwhile investment. Without destroying nature and landscape, photovoltaics produces clean and CO2-neutral energy. 

Through the use of solar energy, large quantities of fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas can be saved. This reduces the emissions of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2–contributing substantially to long-term environmental protection. Compared to wind energy, solar energy accounts for a relatively small percentage of the renewable energy mix. However, it still makes a significant contribution to securing the power supply that was previously covered by gas or coal power plants. In a few years, power generated from solra PV plants will be cheaper to produce than any other power source. As the sun provides the raw materials for free and unaffected by economic instability, solar energy is a lucrative and low risk investment.