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The costs of producing electricity through wind power have been reduced by half since 1990. Through the efficient use of existing systems and developing new innovative technologies, Wind is the world leader in the renewable energy sector. The costs of producing wind power are expected to continue to decrease. Prices for raw materials like gas, oil or coal are increasing and damaged caused by climate change can be measured in the billions.

Like sunlight, wind is an infinite resource. The problem of scarcity will not arise with respect to wind energy. Wind power is economical to produce. It’s abundant. And on top of that, it’s clean and renewable.

No other form of energy production needs as little space as wind energy. While wind turbines modify the landscape to a certain extent, the physical area required for the turbines is minimal and accounts for less than 1% of the overall world's space available for sites.

Furthermore, wind energy provides huge opportunities for economically weak regions. Numerous communities already benefit from jointly operated wind turbines. They create jobs and improves local purchasing power. On a worldwide scale, wind energy has enormous development potential and provides a strong opportunity for the transition from conventional power sources to sustainable energy.